parts of my soul in words

a poem to my best friend: @nan

there are some things i want you to know
i dont know if you’re ready to listen to anything just yet
imĀ putting it here-
hopefully i get to read it to you some day.

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it’s almost as though familiarity is the one thing my being is rejecting,

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anxiety flooded through my veins this morning,
the second i opened my eyes-
the dread consumed me again
and i already wanted to give up
i slept for another hour took bath
and was kind to myself,
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it’s 23 degrees out and for the first time in a month-
i’ve wanted to write

i feel like a fake poet,
because to be a poet
shouldn’t you write?
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grey memories

prompt: Grey skies, strong winds, tangled hair, warm kisses and missing you

Grey skies & strong winds,
I haven’t been here in months, Continue reading “grey memories”

london weather

prompt: Grey skies, strong winds, warm kisses and missing you
Grey skies and strong winds,
im starting to think you’re all I can write about anymore because,
I’m here,
on the verge of tears and all I’m thinking about is how,
if you were here,
you’d call me baby and brush my tangled hair away from my eyes,
wrap your jacket around me, and give me a kiss thatll warm me like nothing else can,
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she asked me about you “do you think you’ll fall for her”
“I don’t think so” I told her
my heart had been through enough
tired of feeling too much and hurting too much because distance
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lace & soft mornings

i roll over
the light blinding my fucking eyes rather than softly waking me up as it should
i mean
we see it in the movies right?
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everyone likes comparing love to planets
and space
and the sky and the stars
so here’s one for us
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