Masumi Atul Parmar

the window with the bird.

There is a bird on the ledge of the window, its chirping contrasting the loud voices that seem to be echoing from inside the room. The two adults in the room standing, bodies defensive and tall- as if their ego were trying to put up a display, physically.
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The street outside KLIA.

The wind rustling the crunchy leaves the covered every inch of the street,
is the calmest sound one could hear.
The light of one of the three street lamps flickers,
ready to join the rest of its companions
who’ve already submitted to the darkness.
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Old strangers.

I scream. I scream louder than I ever did for myself, for my pain and for my sorrow. My voice scrapes my dry throat, I may lose my voice with everything today. I don’t stop, not even to gasp or sob, I don’t till someone stops. Till anyone stops.
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Ghar. (home.)

10:30am, so it’s 7:30am at home,
I walked out of my house,
4 minutes before my bus was to arrive,
Dialling my mother’s number as I rushed;
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I crept out of bed,
it was almost time.
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Change used to sit outside my house sometimes,
with his mismatched socks and messy hair.
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Everything sounds so far away,
almost like we’re on different planets.
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Unexpected train rides & callings.

the compartment is empty,
no one occupying it
except for her,
yet her presence fills up the entire carriage without any effort,
her features soft as she talks loudly on the phone in her mother tongue that I can’t decipher or place,
as  I stand at the top of the staircase leading down to her
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Yellow feelings.

I’ve got two flowers on my desk,
they both do the same thing for me-
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