And in that one second everything stopped,
It was like I was watching in slow motion,
 I couldn’t hear the voices screaming around us,
I couldn’t see the panicked faces around us,
I couldn’t be bothered by the fact that everything I have was burning,
all I could see,
were your dumb eyes,
that shone like you’d entrapped the stars within them,
and the sincerity in your voice when you said,
‘I am in love with you and I will be forever’,
while you watched the fire looming above us,
burning every possibility of a life together,
burning everything we could have had together,
just eating it all,
without the possibility of ever being full,
not stopping when the sun came up,
not when our lives were grieved,
and certainly not when I reached out and kissed you for the first and last time.

-July 2014