Do you ever listen to that song?
Your old favorite
and just get whiplashed
into a whirlpool of memories
 headfirst into that time
you see yourself in the car
blasting the radio
and getting so goddamn excited
and you just want to stay
and live in that moment forever
when you smell the salt in the air
and when you look up
all you can see
is the sea lapping at your feet
and your cousins laying on the sand
and all you want to do is stay
and make sandcastles and run from crabs all day
you just taste your soup
and you get pulled back into your grandma’s kitchen
and you’re there
you’re sitting on the counter all over again
and waiting for her famous soup
that she always made for you
and you just want to stay and hear her soft voice ring in your ears until the day ends

-2:57pm; 25/July/2014