Prompt: write about two people watching the sunset unaware of the love between them

“I wonder if she knows how pretty she looks with the wind in her hair and the light against her skin.”
“I wonder if she knows every time she looks at me, a part of my being melts”
I wonder if she knows how much I want to kiss her and tell her I belong to her, the same way the earth belongs to the sun”
“I wonder if she knows how I want to braid flowers into her hair and tell her how much my heart yearns for a place in hers”
“I wonder if she knows that I’d rather sit here with her and watch the night come to life than anything else”
“I wonder if she knows how my soul constantly whispers that she’s the only one for me”
“I need to tell you something”
“I’m in love.”
“With who?”

– 11:30pm; 29/November/2015