Prompt: “remember the first time you touched someone with the sole purpose of learning all of them, touched them because the light was pretty on them and the dust danced the way your heart did”- Mary Lambert

I remember looking at her when we first started fucking,
and I remember how I wanted to tell her that I wanted to memorize her skin with my fingers and lips,
but I knew that if I did it’d reconfirm all our thoughts of the feelings that bloomed in the garden we call my heart,
so I didn’t;
I remember watching as she dabbed on her red lip stain,
and I remember how pretty she looked in the light that streamed through her window,
and I had thought,” How lucky is the light? It makes her look like she’s drenched in magic. Who would’ve thought she could get god damn prettier.”,
but those thoughts died at my lips the second I opened my mouth,
burnt by the fear of a one-sided love,
an unfortunate start to a long heartache;
I remember watching her as her laugh rang through my ears before her lips kissed my right cheek,
and I remember how the butterflies burst from their cocoons and flew right into my heart, stomach and chest,
and all I wanted to do
was tell her that,
“Yes, yes I am so stupidly in love with you.”

-9:41pm; 3/1/2016