she fell asleep at night,
her phone in her hand and a soft smile pulling at her lips spelling
and trust,
the snores from the other end of the phone-
her favorite lullaby;
He woke up the next morning,
smiling at her face on his phone screen,
“I love you baby, goodnight. 43 days left.”
before reluctantly ending the call,
‘5 hours, 42 mins- rate the call out of ten’
they spoke longer tonight before falling asleep at least;
They both spent their days looking at clocks and adding and subtracting hours,
“Okay so he’s three hours ahead, it should be around seven over there?”
“Oh fuck, I can’t call her she’s in class”
and they spent their days wishing they were in each other’s arms,
“Baby I miss you”
“Me too princess, 34 more days, though!”
“But that’s a forever away.”
“I know I feel it too”;
The only thing that made it all worth it,
was the euphoria that buzzed through their entire being when they wake up knowing they’ve made it another day,
and they were a day closer to seeing each other.

9:16pm; 10/1/2016