Prompt: “She tastes like birthday cake and story time and fall, but to her, I taste of nothing at all”

“Hey! Do you want to go on a walk?”, she asked with a flip of her hair and a grin pulling at her lips,
she knows I can’t resist,
the sparkle of her eyes,
or the dimples of her cheeks,
or even the cloud of vanilla that’s always in the air when she’s around;
“Yeah, of course,” I say softly, a blush starting to colour my cheeks,
we walk along the courtyard,
her hands brushed against my thighs twice,
t w i c e,
it feels like my heart found a home in her hands and her hands,
they don’t even know they’re carrying something yet,
and I doubt they ever will;
she talked about the boy she met a few nights before,
“He was so cute, I hope I see him again soon. He’s been texting me all day.” She sighs with a smile,
she’s probably been dreaming about him all day the same way I’ve been dreaming about her,
and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s done the same;
“He’ll ask you out soon, he can’t resist you. No one really can.”, I tell her as I watch her burst into a smile before dropping my gaze onto the ground,
am I even allowed to look at her like that?
but she’s so nice to look at,
from her dimple that my eyes can’t seem to get enough of and that flowy hair that I’m constantly refraining from braiding,
I can’t help looking;
“Yeah? you think so?” She asks with a soft smile and hopeful eyes,
I nod and let my gaze slide to the ground again after a glance at her smiling lips,
she’s already made me fall for her,
he’ll for sure,
harder and faster,
he has a chance;
“Thanks, I love you”
not the way I do;
but I can’t help but say
“I love you too.”

1:40pm, 19/1/2016