What is a healthy body?
a body with fats and curves?
a stick thin toned one?
one with long legs and a nice butt too?
one with soft skin and a pretty stomach?
because all I know is every time the scale tips to the right
someone points and shouts,
“Watch your weight, you don’t wanna get fat and unhealthy.”
or if it tips to the left
someone points and shouts,
“Dude eat something, no one likes bones.”
So someone tell me,
what’s a ‘good’, ‘healthy’ body?
isn’t it just one that works well for me?
one that keeps me breathing and warm?
one that I think is goddamn art?
someone tell me and fucking stick to it
because I am sick of hearing a hundred different opinions on what
looks like.

-2:33pm; 7/2/16