I grabbed the can and took a sip
my eyes wandered around the room
before landing on the only pair fixated on me

I looked away
my heart pounding
“It’s been two weeks,
why is she always staring at me?
was it something I did?
something I said?

She gave me the answer
of what
I did
to her

I stole her heart

I took her from someone
who just wanted to fuck
to someone who wants to spend her days
looking at my smile
and playing with my hair
and being ‘cute’ with

that’s what I did,
I stole her stupid twenty-year-old Katy Perry loving heart

or at least that’s what her letter told me
the one that looked like it’s something we should’ve left in
high school
the one with a girl’s emotions spewed out in ink
the one she wanted to slip into my singlet
the one she wrote while she was ‘wet’ because of me
“I’m just me
and I should ask myself why”

maybe it wasn’t me
maybe it was her thoughts of
grabbing my hair and pinning me to the wall
or that of
fucking my ass
because she just wants

only me

that’s what her mind told her every time she saw me
and even every time she didn’t
because her days were left incomplete with
my smile absent from the picture

because I’m the girl with the pretty smile who came out of a dream

as Katy Perry likes to say at least.


11:02pm; 31/3/2016