I shouldn’t feel like death is coming for me when I see two men shouting at me

shouting because I raised my hand up with a fuck you adorning my middle finger

when they stared like they found they finally found meat to sink their teeth in

I shouldn’t feel fucking afraid for standing up for myself

something that they can’t Goddamn handle

because all they wanted

is a pretty little smile that’ll help them get them off tonight

imagining pretty little lips around their petty little cock


I shouldn’t be living in a world in which I’m scared I won’t see a tomorrow when I see two men coming at me

my whole body engulfed in fear and anxiety

terrified that the last thing I’ll see is his hands on my naked body


I shouldn’t be afraid

when I see a man

with bloodshot eyes

and a loud voice


I shouldn’t feel threatened


I shouldn’t feel like I’m wrong

when I’m the one who’s been wronged.