who do you think you are

what do you think gives you the supreme right to end a life

to end relationships

to end smiles and laughter

to end the happiness that pours out of someone’s soul

someone that you don’t even know

you didn’t know of the intelligence they possessed

or the beauty that was trapped in their eyes that someone might’ve fallen for

or the love that breaks through their chest and latches onto the smile of the person they love

all you know

is who they love

and that

that is what made you shoot

without a single bit of hesitation


till you decided

alright, a hundred is enough


all I know of you

is that you killed fifty

and injured another fifty

fifty people who drowned in happiness at one point and never will again

fifty people that will carry trauma on their back invisible to everyone who meets them

a hundred people who were in a safe place




they were safe in that club

we were safe in our world but fuck

you decided that you would shake our world the way that two men had done for you

but instead of doing it with unadulterated love

you chose a fucking gun


we won’t be quiet


like you weren’t

you thought that shutting fifty mouths

would shut the noise in your head

but listen

listen to our voices

they’re loud and they aren’t stopping

you won’t hear us stop

I promise you.