i thought of you again
“maybe i was wrong”
played in my head all day
i tried to convince myself
that you didnt lie to me again
that i can trust your words more than hers
but i dont
and i cant

december was magic
till i found out it was as magical for you and her as it was you and i
as it was for
you and i

i replayed december in my head 11 times today and the conversation she and i had never left my mind


in case you dont remember december,
here’s a little rerun

you said you loved me in the same week you asked her for a date
you spun me around and showed me the stars the night before you kissed her in a dark theater
you told me you wished you could stay for me the same night you texted her the same words


you still miss me,
you called me a few nights ago,
i told you i was busy,
“don’t you love me?” you asked before i cut the call
you texted her right after;


you still miss me.

heres something for you to know.

if you come back in december,
i wont fall for your lies this time
and neither will she

-16:40pm, 8/oct/16