i listened to the poem repetition by phil kaye today,
and when he repeated the words
i love you
over and over again
i realized he was right
the words lost meaning to me by the end of it

it struck me that my words may loose meaning to you someday
it did today didn’t it?
i told you you looked beautiful today
you dismissed my soft words saying,
“but you say that every day”
my words lost meaning

so baby
for when that happens when i see you tomorrow
let me remind you

the dictionary defines the word beautiful as an adjective
“pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically”

i define the word beautiful as
an adjective
“youre making me melt just by looking at me
because fuck
your smile is the most magical thing ever seen and
your body looks like art
your hair flowing and i swear to god
your eyes are sparkling and you look so fucking soft”

but i cant say all of that everytime i see you princess
so i say
you look beautiful
i hope you remember that when i see you tomorrow