everyone likes comparing love to planets
and space
and the sky and the stars
so here’s one for us

she said we were like parallel lines,
the dictionary defines that as 2 lines that are always the same distance apart and never touch.

she says we are parallel lines for
we are so similar
we are
on the same wavelength
always on the same page
I know exactly what she means
I always know exactly what she means the second the words leave her lips
I know what every change of tone means
every look and every touch
I know

she says we’re the sun and the moon
I like to think that she’s the sun and I’m the moon-
she says we’re on the same wavelength
always on the same page
but we’ve got dreams
they take place on different edges of the world

she says parallel lines leave a bitter taste in her mouth
and fuck now it does in mine too because
we were so perfect together
and I hate using flowery language but
that’s the only word I have ,
we are perfect,

but as the dictionary has reminded me,
we are never going to meet, and as my love has says,
we’re the sun and the moon
we’ll always be chasing each other but-

i think we’re like the sun and the moon,
but not for the same reasons she does
I mean
we aren’t meant to be,
some would say,
the timing wasn’t right,
we couldn’t be one,
we couldn’t be an us,

but baby,
don’t you see?
you are my sun and I’m your moon
and right now,
for the little time we have,
I am holding your hand
and you are holding me and
we are one
we are an us
and we are together,
and look at how the world is coming to a standstill

because baby,
we are stupidity, four-year-old behavior, and unadulterated love,
we are giggles and cuddles and comebacks,
we are the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced,
we are warmth, happiness, and butterflies,
we are us,
even if it’s for a few seconds.

-23/1/17; 1am