she asked me about you “do you think you’ll fall for her”
“I don’t think so” I told her
my heart had been through enough
tired of feeling too much and hurting too much because distance

distance is like the queen bitch,
it comes between the closest people in the most inconvenient times
and decides it’s the time to show everyone how big it could be and it’ll start streaching just then

i thought I’d be too scared of distance’s ways and i wouldn’t fall
i wouldn’t feel safe with you,
let you hold my heart and let you love it with every part of you
i wasn’t going to let you
I wasn’t going to hold your heart with one hand and give it everything I have while I’ve got a timer in the next, ringing everytime I fall a little more

“am I falling for her? ”
“56 days left”
“why does she make me feel so safe? ”
“52 days left”
” am I proper falling?”
“48 days left”

none of this was supposed to happen but,

theres was this line in this movie,

“Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaye … tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaye”
and it meant
“If my breath found a place in your heart … I can get destroyed in your love”

and baby i think my breath found a place in your heart and I am truly truly fucked,

“1 day left”.