prompt: Grey skies, strong winds, tangled hair, warm kisses and missing you

Grey skies & strong winds,
I haven’t been here in months,

I tend to avoid places that carry memories,
the bake shop where I’d get soft kisses from the first girl I loved,
the cafe I’d go to to study with the boy who fell for a pair of chocolate colored eyes that just so happened to be mine,
the bridge I used to cross to sit in the car of the boy with a crooked smile and a broken heart,

its sad to think that I’m going to a new place and,
im going to make memories there,
and fall for more smiles and soft touches,
only to avoid those places again,

but I’m sure,
I’ll look back at all of them,
and thank those people with a soft smile,
for sharing their lives with me,
for the few minutes that they did,
and I’ll wrap my hands around my mug of tea,
and I’ll look into the eyes of the love of my life of the time and whisper,
“I’m going to write”,
and I’m going to miss the loves I’ve had,
all over again