Masumi Atul Parmar


Today is result day.
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Hushed whispers are all that you could hear on Level 6,
Not just on that day but
Every day.
The occasional “Congratulations!” and sounds of tears,
Either happy or sad,
Being the only sounds to ever bounce off the walls,
The happiness in their voices echoing the nervousness of everyone surrounding them.

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he who must not be named 2.0

theres something in my throat
i dont quite know what it is but
here’s what i do know
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background radio static

i cant feel a lot
other than overwhelming panic or sadness
im either laughing too much
or not enough
and either ways i just
want the world to open up
swallow me whole
let me cry
and then spit me back out again
new and healed
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ive got a stalker

ive got a stalker
and i know it sounds ridiculous but
hear me out
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another poem about sexual assult lol

isn’t it so funny how
when I said
it was so easy for you to say
before repeating your actions,
and acting surprised when a “no” left my lips again,
this time
accompanied by my hands physically removing yours off my skin- it’s as if my resistance was a joke
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a poem to my best friend: @nan

there are some things i want you to know
i dont know if you’re ready to listen to anything just yet
im putting it here-
hopefully i get to read it to you some day.

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it’s almost as though familiarity is the one thing my being is rejecting,

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anxiety flooded through my veins this morning,
the second i opened my eyes-
the dread consumed me again
and i already wanted to give up
i slept for another hour took bath
and was kind to myself,
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